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Interesting facts about handwriting and dyslexia

Interesting information about dyslexia:

Dyslexia - a person with dyslexia has 10% more brain than those who don't.  They absorb information into their left side and then have to transfer to their right side and this is why sometimes where the problems occur is transferring this information and instructions need to be simple.
There are two types of dyslexia

Phonological dyslexia indicates difficulty with hearing the sounds and isolate them.
Surface dyslexia indicates difficulty writing things down.

Writing is much harder than reading - you need to know a symbol, you need to attach a symbol to the brain, then you need to write the symbol.

Start large for those who are not ready to write - Crayons and big pieces of paper
Sitting on a 90 degrees angle at a table.

Pencil grip - make sure it is correct, it is difficult to unlearn
make Mr spaceman (for spaces) draw a little smiley face on your fingernail.

We need to teach letter formation and sounds together.
Need to teach …
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Kaahui Ako Conference - 29th April 2019

Keynote speaker:  Dr Melinda Webber:  Associate Professor Melinda Webber is a former Fullbright/Nga Pae o te Maramatanga scholar who has published widely on the nature of Māori identity.  Melinda's research examines the ways race, ethnicity culture and identity impact the lives of young people, particularly Māori students.  

Optimizing Māori Potential

Identity is formed by the place that I was brought up, the place where I plant my feet.
Denotes a sense of contentment.
Our Tamariki should have a sense of belonging when they arrive at school
One's identity forms the basis of our whakapapa.

The importance of our whakapapa for Māori students.  Our Māori students need to learn that they extend from greatness too.  Many mainstream classrooms do not hold Māori excellence.  

Stereotype threat (Steele 1997)
An unspoken expectation that students are not expected to do well.
Repeated experiences of stereotype threat soon become a reality as there is no expectation.

Because of the constant negativ…

Wiremu - The History of Kirikiriroa

Stories about our place:  Turangawaewae

How to impart these stories to our children, giving our Hapu a real sense of place.  This is Wiremu's passion.  He is a researcher at Waikato University.

One of the main reasons people first settled in Kirikiriroa was because of the fertile land.

"I cross the smooth belly of Kirikiriroa.  It's gardens bursting with the fullness of good things" - it is thought, this is where 'Garden place' gets its name from as this site was on the riverside near Garden Place.

Near Grey street, there was a burial site.

Kirikiriroa means a gravel patch, the soil is good which is where Kirikiriroa gets its name from.
Kirikiriroa pa site is on the river on the shop side where the land wars happened, Governor Grey declared war on Māori on 13th July 1863.   Kirikiriroa lost the most land in Aotearoa. The lands by the Pa were confiscated in 1863, Māori took their Pa to Hukanui where it still stands to this day.

Five Cross Roads - used to be a large K…

Art PL - Kete Aronui

This year we are focussing on the fine arts.  Our theme this year is Māori and Pasifika art.  We will have an Art Exhibition to celebrate our learning in Term 3.

To start the ball rolling, we had a professional learning session about what our exhibition focus is.  Also what the expectation is around sketchbooks and good practise in our art and presentation of work.

Introducing - Kete Aronui  Our 2019 Art Exhibition
Kete Aronui means :  (noun) basket of knowledge of aroha, peace and the arts and crafts which benefit the Earth and all living things - one of the three baskets of knowledge. This basket relates to knowledge acquired through careful observation of the environment. It is also the basket of ritual, of literature, philosophy and is sometimes regarded as the basket of the humanities.
I ran a short sketching experience to help those who aren't as confident as others with sketching, hoping that this will also be something that teachers can take back to their classrooms and try wit…

Play Based Learning - My Background

Equal Employment Opportunities Information

I am passionate about making sure people feel valued and respected in their workplace.  I hope that being the EEO representative this year will ensure that people can talk to me and let me know if they feel discriminated against in any way.   The following blurb was sent to all staff :  
I am your 2019 EEO representative and I would like to introduce myself in this capacity.  I am keen to help and listen to any issues that you may have in terms of making sure everybody in our school has equal opportunities to thrive and be valued in this workplace.  
I would like to add also, everyone has a place in our school, your work is valued and all the moving parts make Hamilton East School what it is.  If you feel for any reason you are not thriving through some form of discrimination, then please contact me anytime and we will discuss any issues and follow through on these.
Thank you for your time.  There is some information below that you may find helpful or visit the EEO Website. Shelley
Equal Em…